Why Publish With Us?

We have led the way in Independent Publishing for more than a decade. Our continued commitment to excellence is unrivalled, and you can count on us to provide dependable, long-term, individualized support throughout the publishing process and in the years that follow.

When you publish with us:

  • You keep all the rights to your book
  • You control the book’s interior and exterior design
  • You can see your published book quickly
  • Your book is available in paperback and hardback
  • Your book is distributed worldwide
  • Your book can target your niche market
  • You earn royalties on every sale
  • Your print run is virtually unlimited
  • You have 24/7 customer support
  • You enjoy a 100% money back guarantee*

*Money back guarantee will apply if you provide your materials for publishing within 6 months from when you sign up.