Why Are We Different?

One of the pioneers in the self-publishing revolution, we still lead the way today by setting ourselves apart from the competition. Here are just a few of the numerous ways we have distinguished ourselves from the pack.

Risk-free Publishing Process

Unless you sign the final approval form for your review copies, your publishing services are guaranteed risk-free. You are allowed a full refund should you deem your entire publishing experience unsatisfactory.

Competency and Trust

With over a decade’s worth of experience, you can trust our team of publishing professionals to do the job right.

We Wait For Your Approval

Galleys are your way of checking our work. We provide you with a galley at each stage of the process, and wait for your expressed approval before moving forward.

You Retain Complete Control

Our designers are here to help. You have complete freedom when designing your book’s cover and interior. If you need suggestions or input, then feel free to ask.


Should your book be fortunate enough to be picked up by a traditional publisher, you have the freedom to go ahead with your new publisher, confident in the fact that you own all the rights, and we are a non-exclusive publishing company.

24/7 Author Support

Our customer service representatives are at your service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Publicity and marketing support

We offer an extensive list of marketing and publicity tools to support our authors toward the ultimate goal of selling books. You can contact your personal marketing consultant at any time for a free consultation.

Leather-bound editions

We are the first Print-On-Demand publisher to offer elegant leather-bound editions of your book. Perfect to keep or to give away as gifts, and custom-crafted to last a lifetime.

We support self-published authors

We support self-published authors and promote internal book sales. Included in our publishing packages is a complimentary book of your choice from our bookstore. Just another way that we support our own and foster a prosperous relationship within the author community.