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Your story deserves to be told. Writing a book should be an exciting goal that anyone can attain. At Xlibris we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be published.

What sets us apart?

  • Over 20 years experience as Self-Publishing pioneer
  • Helped over 40,000 authors since 1997
  • Multiple book publishing packages
  • You retain proprietary rights
  • Complete control over your book

Our Services

  • Black & white publishing
  • Full-color publishing
  • Specialty publishing
  • Editorial services
  • Add-ons
  • Marketing services
  • Ebooks
  • Learn how to write a book

If you’re ready to tell your story, we give you a convenient, author-friendly way to publish your book. We've work with thousands of writers on a wide range of topics from children's books, christian book publishing, poetry, sci-fi, romance and many more topics. Publish and distribute your book to a global audience in classic black & white, dazzling full-color, paperback, hardback, or custom leather bound formats, plus all digital formats. Request your free guide to book publishing and find the services that best suit your publishing vision. Contact us today to request your free information packet with no obligation.